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Decoraj with several years of experience in interior decoration, today has been succeeded to establish a new face of decoration in Iran.
Decoraj project

        Some of the projects which we have attended in them:

  1.   project of Shahid fallah complex (Moallem St. Marvdasht St.)
  2.   Poject of Simorgh complex (Ajudanieh ST. Jermand Alley)
  3.   Project of Kish Roya villas (Kish Roya)
  4.   Project of Saadat Abad N1 tower including 84 units (Behroud Sq. at the end of pouyesh St.)
  5.   Project of Mr.Kashani including 28 units (Sohanak St. at the end of shahid ozgoli Alley)
  6.   Project of Bagh_e_Baharan tower including 28 units (Niavaran St.)
  7.   Project of Mr.Shirizad including 20units (Kahrizak, Shahid beheshti St.)
  8.   Project of Dr.Mohammadi including 10 units (Mirdamad St.)
  9.   Project of Mr.Hajhosseini including 10 units (Tehranpars, Bahar St. Mehrnami St.)
  10.   Ghasr_e_talaei hall (first square of Tehranpars, at the first of Parvin boulevard,)
  11.   Arghavan hall (in front of Arike Iranian)
  12.   Loux_e_talayi hall (first square of Tehranpars, at the first of Parvin boulevard)
  13.   Kosar hall (Pirouzi St. next to Coca cola intersection)
  14.   Amiran hall (Tehranpars)
  15.   Ganjineh hall (Shariat St. upper than Sadr bridge)
  16.   Central office of Plour mineral water (Haraz road, after Emamzadeh Hashem, in front of Plour filling station)
  17.   Sepid shopping center (Tehranpars, Sepid passage, at the end of grand flour)
  18.   Central office of Saderat bank (Sepehr tower)
  19.   Supervision building of Saderat bank (Niavaran St. after Kamranieh intersection, next to Saderat bank, Jamaran branch)
  20.   Central office of Mahan airline
  21.   Office of project control of kerman’s copper(factory of kerman_ sarcheshme’s copper)
  22.   Central offices of Ariojen zist daru company (Karaj special road)
  23.   Aministrative office and training classes of military service (Pasdaran St. at the end of 7th Golestan)
  24.   Central offices of military service (Aghdasieh St.)
  25.   Gulf active commercial Co. (Bokharest St.)
  26.   Aryana commercial Co. (Shahid beheshti St.)
  27.   Arya sahm Co. (Shariati St.)
  28.   Rahian Co. (Mofatteh St.)
  29.   Qeshm’s tobacco Co. (Jordan St.)
  30.   Zarin sooleh Co. (Shahid beheshti St.)
  31.   Science commercial Co. (St.Jordan)
  32.   Tehran sabahi engineering Co. (Apadana St.)
  33.   National footbal academy of Iran
  34.   Hormoz hotel in Bandar abbas
  35.   Sadaf hotel in Ardebil
  36.   Laleh hotel in Tehran
  37.   Azadi hotel in Mashhad

        Performance of numerous administrative and commercial units in Naroon complex, Sepid & Persian shopping center, Delavaran & Yaft abad furniture complex and some projects of       villas, residential,commercial and administrative that they are available in all around Iran can be visited with previous coordination.

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